How to Run Android Applications on Blackberry Playbook

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If you are a BlackBerry Playbook users, you may want to load Android-based applications on your Playbook in addition to having many Blackberry Playbook Applications. It is possible as well as completely legitimate also. With the help of your computer you can side-load Android applications on your BlackBerry Playbook.

Run Android Applications on Blackberry Playbook

Any of the Android applications like Flipboard, Sonic, Contra, Pinterest, Mario Bross etc. can be loaded effectively on your BlackBerry Playbook. See below Steps to get started putting the apps you want on your Playbook.

Run Android Applications on Blackberry Playbook

1. Open the setting menu and click on the "Security" within the menu.
Now hit 'Development Mode' and change its mode to 'ON'. You will encounter a pop up requesting password. Put any simple password that you can remember. Now a dialog indicating "Development address" will prompt which you need to note down somewhere to keep a note of. Now close settings menu.

2. Now connect your computer to playbook using a USB.
Your Blackberry will ask for password. Enter the password which was created in step 1.

3. Now it's time to run 'DDPB' on the computer.
A pop up will ask for your 'Development address' which you had noted down in step 2. Enter this address to "Playbook IP" box and just underneath your password. Now hit 'Connect' and allow your playbook to get connected to your computer, which may take 10 seconds.

  • Click Here to download and Install DDPB software.

  • 4. Now install Android Applications.
    For this, click 'Add' after opening 'DDPB' window. Open '' file, which will display the application name. Finally, hit the highlighted application in the window and click 'install.' The progress of installation process will be displayed on the primary monitor. You are done now! Open the installed application and enjoy the magic of fabulous 3D effects.
    NOTE: If you already downloaded Android apps then convert them to .BAR files.You can do it easily as there are many tools available.Search for "convert .APK to .BAR ".

    So this was our guide on How to Run Android Applications on Blackberry Playbook, I hope the methods given above helped you in running Android Applications on Blackberry Playbook.
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